Human Head

How to draw human head

I practice and study for many years the best technique to draw a head and its various movements in a clear and concise.

Head design begins with the introduction of an apparently simple method for the construction of the head, to ensure that all resources are properly placed.

To draw the head from any angle, you must first understand its basic structure.

     Look at all the details and see the underlying forms, ie, we did not realize at first sight.

     This ability to simplify can be applied to facial features such as:

         * mouth and on lips;
         * nose and ears;
         * Eyes and eyebrows;
         * Hair and brows

But when you start drawing, you should look further. Ignore the resources and simplify the most basic form of the head. See the models below:

First you start with a base ball. The cross is then placed somewhere on the surface of the sphere and this defines the two major anchors for the characteristics: a central line and the forehead.

Most methods of construction of a similar mind sets the line of sight first, but it is from the brow line is the ball that helps you get the main features properly provided.

Now watch closely, the figures below:

The sides of the head is flat so it can cut a piece from both sides of the ball.

In profile, this plane is a perfect circle, but when the drawing is at any other angle, it looks like an oval because of the prospect.

Divide this oval quadrants. The vertical line represents the beginning of the mandible. The horizontal line represents the brow line. The top of the oval and infeior help you find the hair line and bottom of the nose.

Construction of any Angle

The first step is you determine the angle of the ball.

The inclination of the head is established at the beginning of the design with the ball. All three axis should beaddressed:

The tilt up and down is set by the angles of horizontal and vertical oval shape, and tilt up and down, the thirds (which are lines that represent the start of hair, nose base and the base of the chin ) will be shortened because of the prospect.

After establishing the angle of the ball, divide the face into thirds, the distance between the line of the forehead and scalp should be the same between the brow line and the bottom of the nose and between the bottom of the nose and jaw. Got it?

Now, as an exercise, you should outline some balls and make several crosses in different positions giving the idea of head movement, up, down, left and right. Then follow the examples cited above, forming the jaws to form a head.


  1. Thank you. I can't seem to get the far eye right in a 3/4 view, can you help

  2. I love your blog! Keep writing! I lo e your systematic mode of explanation with figures from different angles. I can finally draw in 3d! Could you reccomend to me some good books for drawing? Especially human figures and perspective. I kind of have trouble with proportion and I am trying to self- learn drawing.