Thursday, February 23, 2012

Redface Portrait in charcoal and pencil 7B and 8B

 This is Redface (singer and composer of Korean hip hop)

 As you can see, I used two photos to build the drawing, face in this last picture and clothes of  the first picture.

 If you want to hear the songs of Redface click here: 


  1. Wow! fantastic portrait.
    You are the best! I'm your fan... I love your drawings.... :-)

    And about Redface.... had never heard kprean music...... but I like Redface..... good song!

    Hip Hop is the highest for me..... yeah!

  2. Hi, Leida

    Great drawing! I would like to draw like you.... I envy you..... but I'm your fan.....

    Can you draw me, please??

    And amazing video. I like the song too. How she said: Amazing! Kkkkk :-)

    Thank you for share your art, Leida

    See ya

    Peter Hamond.

  3. wowowowowow!

    I'm impressed ... How can you make it so perfect?
    I draw too, but I can not draw as well as you ....
    Congratulations on your wonderful talent .... This is a gift from God.

    Redface is so sexy ... I like him. : D
    I like kpop too ....
    I'm going to check his songs ... but I have heard "Amazing" and a song is really cool ... I want to dance and the girl's voice is wonderful too.


  4. Hello everyone.

    Thank you all for enjoy my art. :D

    You are always welcome in my blog. :D

  5. Amazing! Redface brought me to your blog and I'm impressed ...

    He's gorgeous, you could do as he is ....
    You're incredible, Leida Nogueira.


    take care!

    Lara Hansen