How to draw hand

 In designing the representation of real things, it is best to start by looking at the real thing. Even the art of anime / manga is a form of minimalism. The artist takes what looks like the real thing and find a way to draw it in a simplified manner.

 Begin with a simple hand in position to start the first sketches of the same. You may have seen several in order to draw the structure of a hand, using geometric shapes are the most common ... but here you will learn a very simple way. You have observed the shadow of the hand. Try to only draw the shadow ... you can use your own hands if you prefer, as a model "live".

Once all details have been designed, you must strengthen the final traces. So you can start with the technique of shading

Now just exercise. Below are other models that you can observe and reproduce realistic manner ....
You can send your drawings to my email lsnogueira@gmail.com to be assessed is if you prefer. We will be glad to help you that way too. :)

Others examples:

This is my hand, but before I shot holding a pen and then draw it.