Thursday, February 7, 2013

What is a pin up girl?

Marilyn Monroe, pin up the world's most famous of all time. (Drawing Leida Nogueira)
 The term pin up refers to a photographic and illustration style which is printed and designed to be nailed to a wall. This style emerged in the early 20th century, but became very popular during World War II. Like millions of young people spent weeks and months away from their namoradass and longed for an escape. The pin up girl became an indestructible part of modern popular culture and continues today. In fact, thanks to the internet, the pin up is more popular than ever and just a few clicks away. The style is classic and nostalgic with a nod of thanks to fashion, makeup, hair and a beautiful attitude exaggerated.

Popular Styles Pinup

    The Pinup art falls mainly into two categories: illustration and photography. The drawings pinup by Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas are legendary. Both would have used real models to pose for photographs and work, then draw idealized illustrations for printing. Numerous photographers used to mount style pinup photography pinup calendars. The styles were and are ideal, beautiful, innocent and very glamorous. Common themes in the past were, believe it or not, the housework sexy, beautiful beach girl with her dog, girl on her bike, girl in her bedroom, and so on. Just take a look at these lovely beauties.

 Pinup in the Digital Age

The pinup girl is alive and well in the internet age. The art of illustration is now almost without limit. The settings, the clothes, and cultural references used to stage pinup art is much richer than in the past. Artists blend different styles, such as comics, fantasy, sci-fi, fetish and of course, classic pinup. Pin up photographers do the same and get some spectacular results. Featured also you will see a lot of art in pin up tattoo. It's a great time for pinup!

 In HDs, a pin-up is simply an art that takes up a whole page, usually without dialogue, which displays a character or group of characters, or significant event, published in a special or regular edition and was not thought to become a poster.
In professional journals for fans of films and television series, a pin-up may represent a photograph of actors or actresses posed the issue at hand, but can also display specific scenes specially shot for disclosure purposes (called stills).



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