Human Body

In drawing the human figure, is used to measure the head module and can be divided into 8 equal parts (Figure 1), ie, the head establishes a relationship of proportion to the trunk and legs, so the concept of ratio is the optimal balance between size of the parts that compose a whole.

It is not enough to share, to draw a human body with realism, symmetry is also of fundamental importance for the design of the human body has a semblance between the right and left sides.

In general, the human body does not hold exactly the same measures on one side and the other, there are small differences, often imperceptible when you look at, but noticeable when measuring.

In the drawing, the axis of symmetry is represented by a vertical line from head, through his nose and into the space between the legs, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 1

Volumes and concavities: Refers to body shapes, their curves, recesses and reliefs. In the drawing, are the sinuous lines that represent it.
Figure 3

With open arms, the distance between the tip of the index fingers is equal to total height of the figure, from toe to top of head.
Figura 4

* The height of three heads, is situated in the navel.
     * The height of 4 heads, stands the pubis.
     * The distance between the shoulders is 2 modules.

You can start your first drafts of the human body by following these steps illustrated in the figure below, not forgetting to start with the proportion using the module as its head for measurement.


  • The MAN has broad shoulders and narrow hips;
  * Hip: Region of the body that extends from waist to thighs.

  • A WOMAN has narrow shoulders and wide hips. 

The body in motion

Based on previous figures showing how to draw a human body with the correct proportions and symmetry in their upright position, the same would happen to draw the human body or elsewhere giving the idea of movement such as running, jumping, dancing .. . See examples:

Note that the blue dolls are the first sketches. To the right are volume expansions of the dolls.

You may notice that there is no need to remove the small circles that represent the shoulders, elbows, hands, hips, knees and heels. Instead you can simply connect the joints.

As you can see these drawings resemble those puppets.

If you find one, use it. But knowing these settings out of your mind, not a puppet in front of you, you will be at an advantage because it could acquire the ability to draw more freely.

Detail: This method is also useful for examining details of configurations of the body, eg hands and feet.

  Now look at the examples below and try to develop their own dolls, starting of course by the rough lines and small circles.

If case you want your designs are assessed, you can photograph them or scan and send to my email
Return the drawings so they evaluate them.

After much practice with these dolls, it's time for you to be more daring and draw real models as models from magazines or live models, a friend, your brother, mother who wants to pose for you.

The technique of drawing a live model is the same as wooden doll, see example:



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  4. Very instructive! Just a little precision. I don't know if you tried calculating, but what I always heard (and checked a few times), is that the average male body is 7 heads high, not eight! Apart from that, it's perfect!

    1. That was completely true in Leonardo's age, and even today almost all concepts in art are based on the theories of this genius. Nowadays however, humans have grown taller, the standard hight has developed to the proportion of 8 heads high. That's what they teach in art schools and universities. Of course, that's the theory, in practice you will meet all kinds of unique human body structures.

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